Yeshivat Migdal Hatorah

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On this page you will find the sefarim you need in the editions recommended by your 
yeshiva. Please  note the three categories of recommendation
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1) Artscroll Yerushalmi Shevi'it Volumes One and Two - Either English or         Hebrew Editions
2) Metivta Masechet Meilah Pninim
3) Gemara Berachot Talman or Artscroll

Good to Have
1) Selichot
2) The Guide of the Perplexed (Moreh Nevuchim)
3. Hakdama L'Peirush HaMishnna
3) Mishneh Berura
4) Mishnayot Kehati
5) Shnayim Mikra 
6) Tanach
7) Machzor Rosh Hashana English/Hebrew
8) Machzor Yom Kippur English/Hebrew

1) Tikkun Simanim
2)Duties of The Heart (Chovot Halevavot)
3) The Kuzari 
4) Sefer HaChinuch