Machon Pardes

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Required or recommended texts together with their relevant courses:
 1. Tanakh Hebrew-English  Chumash Introductory, Advanced Chumash JPS or Koren Edition, Chumash Intermediate and Inerm./Advanced Koren Edition only
 2. Torat Chaim Bereishit Volume One Chumash Introductory, Chumash    Intermediate, Advanced Chumash
 3. The First Hebrew Primer Chumash Introductory
 4. Mikraot Gedolot Chumash One Volume Interm./Advanced Chumash 
 5. Masechet Kiddushin Talmud Intermediate-Adv.
 6. Masechet Ketubot Talmud-Advanced
 7. Masechet Bava Kamma Kollel
 8. Practical Talmud Dictionary (Frank)- Talmud Intermdiate,       Interm./Advanced
 9. Jastrow Talmud Dictionary Talmud Intermediate
 10. Mishnah Bahira Berachot  Mishna/Talmud Introductory
11.Mishneh Torah One Volume Edition Rambam Introductory
12.Rambam Sefer Zemanim  Kollel
13.Koren Siddur Hebrew-English  Siddur
14.Hebrew-English Dictionary  Chumash Introductory, Chumash Intermediate, Rambam Introductory
15.Yosher Divrei Emet  Chassidut
16.Machzorim for Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur