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Olam HaMiddos


102.00 Shekel

Product Description

By Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum

Thousands have improved their character traits- and their lives - through Sefer Olam HaMiddos.


Now the book everyone is talking about is available in a flowing English translation.

Sefer Olam HaMiddos has become a popular and much-read book through the Torah world - and for good reason. The author, an acclaimed educator, writer, and speaker, combines Torah sources, real-life stories, and deep insight into human nature, to show us the nature of each midah (character trait) and how improving our middos enables us to live full and happy lives.


What is the first step in tikkun hamiddos, refining and perfecting our character traits? How do we build our self-worth without becoming haughty? Why is being happy such an important part of improving our middos? Here are the answers to these and so many more vital questions.